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Profile photo of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Investor, Rare Enterprises

Conference calls: 77

Mentions: 1056

"What is the reason for losses in watches & eyewear?"

, 3rd May, 2022
Profile photo of Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani
Chairman and MD, Reliance Industries

Conference calls: 3

Mentions: 213

"My dear shareowners, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. It is 2:00 p.m. and time to start the meeting. I welcome all of you to the 44th Annual General Meeting of the company. This meeting is held through video conferencing because of the prevailing situation. This is in compliance with the circulars issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The company has taken all feasible steps to ensure that the shareholders are provided an opportunity to participate in the Annual General Meeting and vote. Adequate video conferencing facility and live webcast of the proceedings of this meeting have also been provided."

, 24th Jun, 2021
Profile photo of Bharat Shah

Bharat Shah
Executive Director, ASK Group

Conference calls: 114

Mentions: 615

"No questions really. Manish ji I just wanted to convey congratulation to you and the entire Solar team. This year there has been like a departure from the past in a positive way and I hope the tempo and strength grows from year to year just wanted to convey my good wishes."

, 31st Jan, 2022
Profile photo of Rajesh Gopinathan

Rajesh Gopinathan

Conference calls: 35

Mentions: 1884

"Thank you, Kedar. And once again, welcome, everyone, and wishing you all a very happy new year. We had a very strong performance in a seasonally weak quarter. We grew 15.4% year-on-year in constant currency terms and 16.3% in rupee terms and 14.4% on U.S. dollar terms. Our operating margin was up 25% and net margin was up 20%. The sustained growth over the last 6 quarters helped us cross an important milestone in our journey this quarter. hitting $25 billion revenue in the calendar year 2021. The 25-fold revenue growth over the last 19 years is a testimony to the strength of our business model and our ability to reinvent ourselves in an ever-evolving technology landscape to stay relevant to our customers while remaining focused on creating value for all our stakeholders. Another important milestone is that the number of women in our workforce crossed 200,000. Beyond the headline number, there's also an occasion to celebrate the progress we are making in creating a more diverse and inclusive workspace workplace. As an outcome of various leadership development initiatives focused on women employees, the number of senior women executives in the organization has grown by 68% between 2016 and 2021."

, 12th Jan, 2022

Digant Haria
GreenEdge Wealth

Conference calls: 126

Mentions: 651

Baidik Sarkar
Unifi Capital

Conference calls: 99

Mentions: 776

Viraj Mehta
Equirus PMS

Conference calls: 77

Mentions: 549

Pritesh Chedda
Analyst, Lucky Investment

Conference calls: 71

Mentions: 664

Ashish Kacholia
Investor, Lucky Investments

Conference calls: 67

Mentions: 503

Rahul Veera

Conference calls: 67

Mentions: 284

Dhwanil Desai
Turtle Capital

Conference calls: 56

Mentions: 315

Dhruv Bhatia
BOI AXA Mutual Fund

Conference calls: 54

Mentions: 368

Manish Gupta

Conference calls: 53

Mentions: 1179

Ayush Mittal
Mittal Analytics

Conference calls: 52

Mentions: 494

Tushar Bohra
MK Ventures

Conference calls: 43

Mentions: 430

Kumar Saurabh
Scientific Investment

Conference calls: 40

Mentions: 218

Jeevan Patwa
Candy Floss Advisors

Conference calls: 30

Mentions: 218

Ankit Kanodia
Smart Sync Services

Conference calls: 27

Mentions: 119

Sajal Kapoor
Unseen Risk Advisors

Conference calls: 25

Mentions: 140

Vivek Gautam
GS Investments

Conference calls: 25

Mentions: 110

Vikram Kotak
Crest Capital

Conference calls: 22

Mentions: 130

Anant Jain
Individual Investor

Conference calls: 22

Mentions: 233

Arvind Kothari

Conference calls: 16

Mentions: 84

Aveek Mitra
Aveksat Financial Advisory

Conference calls: 11

Mentions: 93

Aditya Kondawar
JST Investments

Conference calls: 10

Mentions: 20

Sahil Sharma
Individual Investor

Conference calls: 8

Mentions: 26

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