Use Captwist to Discover Investment Ideas

Captwist provides a search engine for financial documents. You can use it to discover new investment ideas quickly.

Use Captwist to Discover Investment Ideas

Consider the recent news of palm oil being banned by Indonesia. India is the world's largest importer of palm oil. Since palm oil is widely used in products ranging from cakes to cosmetics, it surely is going to affect the palm oil prices in the country.

Intuitions are good, but they should be backed by data to convert them to conviction.

How someone who is not much informed on the palm oil industry, can find an investment opportunity quickly? Using Google to search and filter relevant information related to financial data is a humongous task.

Twitter [and other stock tip blogs] is full of opinions and less actual data. Sometimes, there might be a vested interest in these tips.

So where can one find relevant data quickly? 🤔

The companies whose products involve palm oil share the information in their investor presentation, press releases, annual reports, etc. The management and analysts ask questions about products, raw materials, and their outlook during the conference calls.

These are a primary source of information and can be relied more upon than other information.

But remembering the names of the companies and the reference where the information might be present is second to impossible.

That is where you can use the Captwist search feature to quickly find relevant data. We search across all the investor presentations, press releases, conference call transcripts, credit rating reports, and any other corporate announcements to look for the information.

Click the below button to search for the "edible oil by-products". It is returning investor presentation of Ruci Soya with details of by-products and the brand names as well as the top result.

Search result for edible oil by-products by Captwist

Results might be different for you depending on filters and new information available.

You can also go through other companies' details as well to get a good amount of information quickly. Using our search feature, you can instantly search through all the financial documents.

You can filter the results to search for a few specific companies, date ranges, or document types like only in investor presentations & press releases.

We have covered the feature walkthrough in detail here:

Below are some of the interesting ideas which we found with help of the Captwist search engine. We post discovered ideas on Twitter. You can follow us  @captwist_in to get updates. We are eager to see what interesting ideas you discover using Captwist.

If do come across the multi-baggers, please keep the community posted. 🤗

Happy Investing!!!