How to use the Search feature of Captwist

Captwist provides a search engine for financial documents. See how can you use it to discover new investment ideas quickly.

How to use the Search feature of Captwist

You read, listen or watch diverse events happening all around you like the palm oil export ban, medical tourism, Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme, etc. Some of them might lead to profitable investments.

You can use the Captwist search tool to search the keyword of events or investment themes. You can find the companies talking about these events within a blink of an eye.

In this article, we show how to use the search feature. To know more about how you can discover new ideas and do research, click the below button:

Search A Query

Just type the search query in the search box present on the search page and hit the search button. Captwist looks for the data present in all the financial documents. It returns the best matching result by relevance.

Try putting the query in a double quote for refined search results. For example: "Edible oil by-product"

Search Result

The search result contains the company name and document type for which the result was found. We show a preview of the paragraphs matched to help you quickly glance over the search results.

We also show the PDFs from investor presentations and press releases. You can also navigate through the pages in the search results themselves.

We also show the pdf slides from various documents in the search result if we find the relevant data. To see the preview of the PDFs, you need to be logged in.

Filter Results

By default, the search results include all the financial documents. However, sometimes you need to filter out the result for some specific companies, date ranges, or document types like only in investor presentations & press releases.

For that, we provide filters that are present on the left side of the search results. You can choose multiple companies, date range, and document types. After selecting the filters, the result will be shown for the selected criteria only.

We show the top 20 results first. If you need to see beyond that, you can navigate through more results via the pagination provided at the bottom.

Below are some of the interesting ideas which we found with help of the Captwist search engine. We post discovered ideas on Twitter. You can follow us  @captwist_in to get updates. We are eager to see what interesting ideas you discover using Captwist.

If do come across the multi-baggers, please keep the community posted. 🤗

Happy Investing!!!